Leftover bits = promotional opportunity

There was intended to be a little ‘easter egg’ (sort of a bonus feature) in the character selection screen of Eggheadz Bounce. On the rear wall would be a generative painting – one that could produce an endless variety of ‘mountainous landscapes’. (well, “endless” within certain bounds – technically, they’d all be unique, though they’d all be somewhat similar)
Eggheadz Gallery
However, it’s not going to make the final release – primarily for performance reasons. It’s too tricky trying to figure out what level of detail will work for each of the vast array of devices out there. So, rather than make any one of them suffer just for the sake of this silly easter egg, it was decided to leave it out entirely.

But all is not lost… I’ve repackaged it into a standalone ‘art app’, and will release it as a freebie promo device.