Corona Quick Thought – more Windows simulator skins

I mentioned elsewhere how you can customize the list of available devices in Corona’s Windows simulator.

I also mentioned elsewhere some reasons why you might want to do so, for example: taking screenshots at various resolutions.

(I suppose this mainly applies if you have a fast action -type game where taking screenshots on-device would be tricky to capture the exact moment you were after. For a slower-paced app it’s easier to just capture from device.)

Another handy little trick is to take your screenshot at double the intended resolution, then resample it down to improve the antialiasing. The Windows simulator doesn’t do nearly as good a job rendering as an actual device, so this trick will yield far better quality screenshots. So, for example, let’s say you need 800×1280 images for Google Play, you’d run a 1600×2560 simulated device… um, except that there isn’t one… unless you do it yourself… so…

HERE is collection of 45 “generic” android devices (that is, no frame image and not intended to directly mimic any specific real-world device, just their resolutions) in a wide range of standard resolutions.

You probably will not want to use all of them, or your “View As” menu will become enormous! 😀 In particular, there a half-a-dozen or so very low resolution ones that are of very little use, since any phones out there with those resolutions (fe Samsung Galaxy Spica??) probably have too old an OS to run Corona apps anyway – they’re provided mainly just for completeness (and silliness).

The most useful ones are probably 1600×2560 (WQXVGA) as discussed above, and those that match iOS resolutions, but also includes the full list of resolutions cited in the Android docs for testing.

So pick the several that seem useful and copy them into the \Program Files (x86)\Corona Labs\Corona SDK\Resources\Skins folder. (typically, your install location may vary, and you’ll likely need administrator rights to do so) Then restart the simulator.

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